Hydrotherapy at PetVets Animal Hospital

Physical therapy is a time-tested method to help treat a range of medical problems in pets. However, in some cases, a companion animal may be in such discomfort that the best approach is to undergo  hydrotherapy under the supervision of a professional veterinarian.

If you are new to the idea of hydrotherapy, you should know that the team at PetVets Animal Hospital is excited to offer this option to our patients and we are looking forward to bringing relief to your dog (or cat) too! We are a source for physical therapy in the Oak Park area that pet owners know they can rely on.

What is Hydrotherapy? 

The term hydrotherapy comes from the Greek for “water healing.” Canine hydrotherapy is the same type of healing that people undergo when doing exercises in water.

Hydrotherapy will make your pet’s body buoyant so that their body weight is supported by the water, putting less stress on the canine during therapy. With hydrotherapy, we can help your beloved pet improve its balance and coordination and reduce pain.

What Types of Hydrotherapy Can Canines and Felines Do?

After a full examination and discussion with one of our veterinarians, they will assess your dog or cat to determine the most appropriate form of hydrotherapy to be used. PetVets Animal Hospital currently offers two hydrotherapy options for dogs and cats in our state-of-the-art pet rehabilitation facility located in Oak Park, IL. This includes underwater treadmills and jet massage which is similar to a whirlpool or hot tub. Our rehab facility also offers a land treadmill to our patients, which is similar to ones that humans use.

PetVets Animal Hospital offers hydrotherapy to all of our patients – both dogs and cats! Although our rehab facility is able to treat both, it’s always necessary for our patients to be accustomed to water for treatment to be successful.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

PetVets Animal Hospital has a reputation in the local community for hydrotherapy. Pet owners can count on improving the health and well-being of their beloved animal companion. A range of conditions can be treated with hydrotherapy in pet rehabilitation, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Bone Fractures
  • Joint Swelling
  • Limb Amputation Pain
  • Neurological Problems
  • Weight Loss

This is by no means a comprehensive list! Contact our office to inquire about any other canine maladies to see how our team can help with hydrotherapy.