Professional, polite, great service. Caring.

Steve Zivalich Avatar
Steve Zivalich

You made it one of the BEST!!!!VET visits ever... thank you for your compassion and information as well as explaining every single thing that I needed to know about my Tico's injury... he is much better thanks to you and all your staff... and his meds .. 🐕

Maria Torres Gomez Avatar
Maria Torres Gomez

I love how much the staff and the vets are very concerned with the health of our fur babies!!!! Very Affordable and Clean. I Love PetVets 🤗💕

Ronda Funches Avatar
Ronda Funches

They got me in last minute even when they were completely booked! Doctor was great.

Corina Lopez Avatar
Corina Lopez

Consistently great service and compassionate care. Thank you!

Ellen Robinson Avatar
Ellen Robinson

Yes, Pet Vets exudes courteous service. Dr. Meg Barron is awesome along with the other Vets. With the pandemic, they are meticulously careful with coming out to pickup our dog or pet, a telephone call from the Dr. after the exam and then we can just pull up and my dog/pet is brought out to me. I really appreciate the service.The building is meticulously clean including the waiting room along with the service rooms. I give them a five-star review and highly recommend them.

R Hermanns Avatar
R Hermanns

We switched to this vet a year ago and are so happy we did. They are great with our dog, take the time to explain things at appointments, don't push anything unnecessary, and it is usually easy to schedule an appointment in the next few days or faster for an emergency. We highly recommend them!

Kathryn Huber Avatar
Kathryn Huber

Pet Vets is always on top of everything my pets need. The care and advice is exemplary

Jo-ellen schlademan Avatar
Jo-ellen schlademan

Excellent service in every way. The doctor said more to me in 30 minutes than my previous doctor said in 11 years. Very professional and responsive. Highly recommend!

Yasmin Cavenagh Avatar
Yasmin Cavenagh

They treat your Pet really nice and they are super fast. I was there in and out ... with No problem, they communicated with you for everything they did to your Pet. I have a French Bulldog

Christine Steele Avatar
Christine Steele

Staff is great! I am able to call with concerns and some situations they are able to answer my questions without coming in which is so helpful with small children at home, living an hour away, and having a special needs puppy! Doctors are great and friendly. I purposely drive an hour to come to this animal hospital!

Gabrielle Fotopoulos Avatar
Gabrielle Fotopoulos

The owner, Dr. Yael Cidon, is one of the best vets around. She has been in practice for many years now and she still will get down on the floor with her patients. She is so knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate.I've also seen Dr. Meg Barron who is awesome as well.I recommend PetVets 100%.

melissa pena Avatar
melissa pena

Did everything they could to help me with a sick and abandoned neonatal kitten. I really appreciate their help, I learned a lot. Maybe ill be better equiped to help next time.

Angel T Avatar
Angel T

A positive and caring place! Every employee we have encountered has been kind and has gone out of their way to be helpful. My dog and I recommend with all our hearts.The only problem is that they are very busy, so they can't always squeeze you in in case of emergency, but guess that is not their fault!

Metro I Avatar
Metro I

I really love the staff here--everyone from receptionists through to the head vet. They're caring, gentle, and have a great sense of humor. I also feel that they help me make decisions that are best for my pets, not their bottom line.

M Rock Avatar
M Rock