9/7/2018 “Ferguson”

Hey there everyone! My name is Ferguson and I’m one laid back cat! My records at PetVets say I’m 15 years old, but I think my calm and friendly demeanor have caused me to age well into my senior years. Since I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve found that watching my canine brother Mangus play is one of my favorite activities now. Although, I still like it when my mom drags my favorite wiggly stuffed snake toy along the floor for me…I just really enjoy relaxing! Whether it’s snuggled up with mom, laying on my back and waiting for some tummy rubs, or when my mom takes me outside on my leash – I love to watch the world go by. My mom says I like to move at my own pace and at times she’s not too pleased with my unconcerned disposition. Especially when I’m in her way! If she REALLY wanted me to move, she could always give me a Temptations treat. They’re the best! Even when I do occasionally aggravate her, I know my mom can’t stay mad at me. Well, I mean, look at me. Could you stay mad at this face?

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