9/28/18 “Red”

My name is Red and I’m a 10 year old Doberman. I’ve come to be a little bit of a high maintenance dog since I’ve arrived at my forever family’s home. I get treated like a king now! Except for the fact that they don’t let me eat like one. The only way I can get some delicious human food is if I steal it off their plates…mom and dad aren’t too crazy about that. They also don’t like it when I try to sleep between them. But hey! I’m supposed to me treated like a king and it’s called a “king bed” after all! My favorite thing is lounging on my dad’s lap – it’s the best! I also like those things that humans call “tennis balls.” I don’t know what a “tennis” is, but the balls sure are fantastic! I like to take them with me when mom and dad go up to this place called “Wisconsin.” I also don’t know what that is either, but it’s like a different world! So much grass, and trees, and water! It’s my favorite place to be! Well, except for dad’s lap while we’re in Wisconsin living a king’s life!

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