9/22/17 “Indie”

Hello all you lovely people! My name is Indie and I am a sweet 3 and 1/2 year old Pit mix. I honestly don’t think these pictures do my beauty justice. I’m not at all biased, but my moms just can’t seem to stay mad at me for long when I (very rarely) get in trouble. I’m not a high maintenance girl at all but sometimes after a rough day of playing and being social at the park, a girl just has to dig in the mud and give herself a little mud bath to decompress. I had no idea that some “humans” don’t like when their pups do that. I mean, we need spa days too, right? When I’m not relaxing though I do love to go bunny hunting as well as romping through the park to get all my dog pals to chase me. I love being an active dog! When I’m not out playing with my friends, I love to play with any and all stuffed toys and my favorite pink squeaky ball. If it squeaks, I’m happy. My mom says my best trick is when I try sneaking up on the couch or on the bed. I also use my cuteness when I want to get up on the couch. I like to perk my ears up and tilt my head so my mom melts and will let me up on the couch to cuddle. Oh! I can’t forget to tell you all about my favorite people! Besides my moms, I absolutely love to go and visit my cousins! What dog wouldn’t want 4 kids who love to cuddle and play with them? I’m going to have to say goodbye now because I hear popcorn popping in the microwave and that is my favorite treat!

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