9/21/18 “Cassie”

Hi everyone! My name is Cassie and I’m a 14 ½ year old Cockapoo. I’m an easy to please dog and I have three favorite things: people, walks, and snoozing! If you ever meet me on a walk or at PetVets, I guarantee that I will flirt with you until you give me attention. Not to brag or anything, but I’m one irresistible pup! When I’m not flirting, you can find me snoozing. Oh boy, do I love snoozing! My family made me a throne of softness for me. It consists of a blanket on top of a king-size down comforter, on top of a dog bed. I’m just one tiny dog on top of a mountain – it’s great! My other favorite place to sleep is on the air mattress that by family brings out when they’re having guests over…I wish they’d leave that thing out for me all of the time! When I’m not sleeping and loving all of the people, you can find me at the park. I hope to see you there! Will you pet me? Also, can you bring me some romaine lettuce? It’s my favorite food…yes, I know. That’s totally weird, right? Anyway, I hope to see you around soon! Cassie

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