8/31/18 “Finn”

Hi! My name is Finnegan, but you can call me Finn. I’m an 8 year old Cairn Terrier that loves to bark at everything. My mom doesn’t like that I get excited over everything, but hey, I’m just living life to my fullest! Do you like food?! ME TOO! I’m not picky at all and will happily eat anything presented to me. Even it’s one of the pesky squirrels I see when I’m outside – I LOVE to chase them! I’m a nice guy, though; I can be really cute, especially when it comes to showing off my tricks. I have a little routine called “sit-shake-down” and it’s certainly my best trick! However, mom thinks I’m the absolute cutest when I’m standing at attention. I think all of my cute tricks are what caused my mom to buy me the “squeek shoe!” It’s my favorite toy now, but if I could ever catch me one of those squirrels, THAT would probably be my favorite toy!

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