8/24/18 “Mitts”

Hi! I’m Mitts! I’m a feisty 7 year old domestic short hair. My mom named me Mitts because I’m a polydactyl and my front paws have human-like thumbs; They come in handy when I’m playing with my “minions.” They’re really just pompoms, but my mom got me an entire bag of them! I carry them around the house meowing and tossing them in the air. She bought me an assortment of different colored minions one time, but I ONLY like the red ones. Something about the red ones feel just right on my gums! Oh, I forgot to mention I don’t have any teeth. I had them all removed when I was younger – they didn’t agree with me. However, I manage just fine now and will gladly eat my Temptations treats whole. When I’m not playing, you can find me exploring the depths of the basement, sharpening my nails on any cardboard I can get my paws on, meticulously grooming my beautiful fur, following mom around the house, or looking out the window and growling at those who pass by. I don’t really like other people and have been known to attack those who enter my domain when mom and dad aren’t around. This is my turf, you got it?! I’ll gum you! But really, most of the time I’m all meow and no bite! Mom always tells me I’m a “good girl” which I suppose for the most part is true. Even when I am bad, I run up to her chirping and looking cute and all is forgiven! I tell you guys, I have her wrapped around my thumb!

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