8/18/17 “Snickers”

Hi everybody! My name is Snickers and I am a fantastic 7 year old Miniature Dachshund. My breed may have the name “miniature” in it but make no mistake, my mom say I am quite the little dictator at home! I think she’s mad that I like to wake her up super early in the morning. A guy’s gotta eat and with these legs I am limited with my reaching skills!. I keep telling her breakfast just isn’t going to prepare itself now is it? Whaley ( my favorite toy ) and I love to get pizza bones from everyone. Those are my favorite treats, along with Fresh Pet. Have you ever seen that stuff? It comes right out of the refrigerator! That’s way better that the canned stuff I always see in the commercials. I once overheard my mom say that she could never be mad at me because I am just too cute! I like to think I got her wrapped around my paw. With this cute mug, I could be swimming in pizza bones every day! I have to control myself though, because I like to go to Pappy’s and Joe’s where I also get bones (I have to watch my weight)! Well I gotta run! This dictator has work to do!

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