8/11/17 “Rufus”

Hello all you non-four-legged people! My name is Rufus (well, Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla to my mom). I am a mature, let’s just say I’m in the double digits, Burmese cat. I like to think of myself as one special kitty. How special you may ask? I’m so special that my mom likes to carry me around in her knapsack while she does chores in the house. It’s like I am royalty! Let’s face it though, a cat as amazing as me can’t be expected to get my paws dirty. When I’m not “helping” with chores, I love to do routine cat things, like hide in boxes and bags. I find that it’s a nice little surprise for mom and it helps keep her heart nice and strong! I staynice and lean by playing with my feather wand and hanging out in the hallway of our condo building. I find that socialization with my neighbors is extremely important. Plus, who can resist this face? I do however push mom’s limits when I throw up on her expensive rug just mere inches from the hardwood floor. When I am behaving and acting cute though I love to get Instinct Rawboost Mixers treats!

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