7/28/17 “Mars”

Hey guys! Mars here. I gotta tell ya, this Facebook fame went straight to my sister IO’s head. She wouldn’t stop strutting around the house as if she was the ‘Queen of Everything.’ I knew you all would come around and realize the true famous feline of the family – ME! Because you know my parents say I am always cute, and I knew you would soon agree. I am your Pet of the Week! Move over Queen IO there’s a new top cat in town! You’ll find me chilling with my sis and scrounging around for snacks. I’ve gotta keep this marvelous Maine Coon body in shape! I’ve never met a food I didn’t like…got anything for me?? No? That’s OK, I’m sure my parents put some food for me to discover in these potted plants over here. They just LOVE it when I dig in the dirt and throw it all around for them to clean up. Later today I have a play date scheduled with my toy mice and my favorite thing is chasing them as they fly thru the air! Now if you’ll excuse me…gotta run…I guess my Mom and Dad don’t share the love I feel for plant dirt between my toes!

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