6/30/17 “Angus”

Meet our very own “trash panda”….oops I mean Angus. He’s a two year old Cavachon who is at his naughtiest when he’s garbage diving for used tissues. Don’t let that sweet face fool you! His other nefarious activities include: taking over the queen size bed he shares with his Mom and Dad and sneaking extra snacks from his human children. But, he’s not completely bad to the bone he typically spends his day snuggling with his ‘borrowed’ teddy bear (on permanent loan from his human sister and going for adventure walks with Mom. You can also find Angus hanging out in the school yard at Longfellow school anxiously awaiting his human children to greet him. Angus loves to snack on cottage cheese and always looks his cutest when he is super sleepy. Look out for Angus out on the town!

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