5/19/17 “Calamari”

Hello people of Facebook! My name is Calamari and I am a Miniature Schnauzer. That’s right! My humans named me after a slimy sea creature. I don’t mind because they often will feed me my favorite food, pasta! I am not all about the food though. In my free time you can find me running around the house rolling up the throw rugs. I think it’s an absolute hoot, but mom and dad don’t quite see the humor I do. I also like to play with my “boy.” That’s my code word I use for my human brother. He’ll play fetch with me (my favorite game!) and toss around my hedgehog toy. He’s pretty cool and I love going to his school, meeting his human friends and getting tons of belly rubs when I am there! However, as much as I enjoy going, I’m glad I don’t have to go as frequently as him!

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