3/31/17 “IO”

Hello to you all! My name is IO and I am a fabulous 10 year old Ragdoll. I must say, I live a pretty sweet life here with my human. While my owner is at work I find that my time is best spent hanging by the window watching the world go by. Although I enjoy my time alone, I do miss having my owner around during the day to shine my laser pointer for me. Have you ever tried to use one of those things and chase the red dot at the same time? It’s not an easy task! When my owner is around I enjoy fetching nerf darts for him but don’t worry, I am very careful not to eat them! While I do love going to PetVets, I only want to go for routine visits and cookies, (Temptations are my favorite!) not because I ate a silly nerf dart. Even though I’m pretty active sometimes my Dad thinks I’m a bit lazy because I refuse to greet him at the door after work, but in my defense, I have had quite a busy day playing and looking out the window! Like Dorothy says “there’s no place like home.”

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