3/24/17 “Kingston”

Hello my fellow four-legged friends (and their humans)! My name is Kingston and I am a 2 year old German Shepherd. I like to stay nice and limber by working out everyday. I tried the whole crossfit fad, but found that jumping on the bed gives me the same exercise, but is LOADS more fun! However, my mom doesn’t like my workouts because I usually don’t give her enough time to get off the bed before I start to jump. When I’m not causing trouble, my mom will treat me to a nice beef frittata from Fromms – my favorite snack! At one time I used to have a lot of favorite toys, but sadly I chewed them all up. I’ve recently found that jumping on my sister Daisy is way better than any toy I’ve ever had! However, I probably won’t be receiving any beef frittata’s anytime soon!

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