2/16/18 “Brickhouse”

Hello world! My name is Brickhouse and I am a sweet and loveable American Pitbull. I am just over a year old but you would think I was still a puppy by the amount of energy I have. I have so much energy and love to give that my humans like to send me to daycare at Doggie Day Play. I absolutely love it because I get to see all my friends and play with them. I get super tired from all that playing though and love to take naps, as you can see from my pictures. And if you’re wondering who my snuggle buddy is, that’s my big brother Riley. He was my favorite snuggle friend. Sadly, my brother passed away last year but I will always remember how great he was and how he made me a better dog. I bet he’s looking down on me now and shaking his head at how silly I am! Especially when I jump in the bathtub! I can’t explain it but I love to jump in there and paw at the drain. I do love my food too! Especially when it comes to people food. My favorite inside activity is to watch tv. I love it when a commercial or show comes on that has dogs in it. It’s nice to see my fellow dogs in the spotlight! I would have to say that my most favorite outside activity is to run around and try to catch june bugs. It must be the thrill of the chase!! Oh gosh, I just heard my leash! Time for daycare, bye!

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