12/15/17 “Queen”

Good day Facebook! My name is Queen, or as my mom likes to call me, “Queenie.” I am a gorgeous Pomeranian puppy. I’m a young girl at only 16 weeks old but I am quickly learning what I love about life. I have recently discovered these amazing snacks called “bully sticks” and they have become my go-to munchie. They last me a little bit so I can leave them while I go do cute puppy things and then go back to them later. I have also become quite a professional when it comes to this thing called relaxing. I find that being this adorable is a pretty rough job so when I find the time, I like to just sit back and observe my surroundings. My mom likes to think of it as me, the Queen, holding court and observing all my “subjects” (other dogs and people). I don’t mean to brag or anything but I am kind of like their leader. I even learned how to make the other dogs bring me bones! I won’t tell you how of course! I tend to eat like a Queen too. I get a fantastic dog kibble and my mom adds chicken broth and chicken breast to it! Now that’s a meal fit for a King…..or Queen! I’m such a good girl that my mom and dad never even get mad at me. I’m young though so I know I have lots of time to chew on things and hear this word “no” that I hear other pups talk about. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m due for a crown-fitting in a few minutes.

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