12/1/17 “Kreck” & “Derby”

Hi everyone! I’m Kreck and this is my little brother Derby. I’m the handsome German Shepherd and my brother is the regal English Pointer. I try to set a good example for him since I am his big brother but sometimes it’s just too hard. I try to teach him how much fun it can be to chase squirrels and rabbits but he insists on watching birds and going boating on the lake. I feel that my favorite activity keeps me in better shape than lounging on a boat. I do enjoy relaxing every once in awhile though with my favorite toy, my red Kong. It’s amazing how many treats can fit in there at one time! I don’t mind playing with squeaky toys but those seem to be my brother’s favorite. I’m also a bit of a food snob. My favorites include boiled chicken and hardboiled eggs. And i know sharing is caring but I like to keep my meals to myself while my brother likes more traditional food like turkey and potato canned food. Clearly I have a lot to still teach him. While there is much debate in our house as to the level of our cuteness, mom and dad have it narrowed down to when we both sleep. They think I’m adorable because I shake when I sleep and my brother likes to lay on his back and kicks his legs straight up in the air. What a weird kid right? As amazing as us boys may seem, we can also be a bit mischievous. For example, I like to play gardener and tear up the lawn in the backyard while my little brother likes play chef and sample any food he can find on the counters. We may be different in a few ways but the one thing me and Derby can agree on is that we both love going to Hiawatha Park. We love getting out in the fresh air and hanging with our mom and dad. Well I gotta run, the lawn needs some extra mowing today!

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