10/6/17 “Archie”

Good day to you all! My name is Archie and I am a fabulous 8 year old mix of a lab and a pittie pup. While my age might be considered “geriatric,” I am anything but old! You should watch me chase my favorite toy, my squeaky tennis ball, and you would guess I was still a young pup! I’m not just about the toys, I am also an intellectual! I am so smart that I can give not one, but BOTH paws on command. That’s not all though – I can balance treats on my nose! I do know how to relax, too. I love just hanging out in the sun! Sometimes a guy just needs to take some time to sit in the sun and watch the squirrels go by. I love going to Camp Bow Wow and running with all my friends. It gets me nice and tired which makes mom and dad super happy. You know what doesn’t make them happy? When I jump on the dining room table while they’re not around. I just don’t understand how they know I’m up there! Maybe they dust for paw prints at the end of the day? You know, I can always get back in their good graces though if I just lean up against them and try to get them to pet me. I am pretty hard to resist! Although, I find that cheese is also very hard for me to resist. I happen to have a sophisticated palette. Now if you’ll excuse me, the sun is out and I just can’t miss this opportunity to catch some rays!

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