10/5/18 “Gingi”

Hey there! I’m Gingi and I’m a mini-goldendoodle who 9+3 years old. That’s what my mama says, anyway. I stopped counting my years when I was 9 years and 364 days old – I don’t do double-digits when it comes to age! My favorite activity is spending time with my mama. Especially when we go on long walks together! I love my family and they don’t like it when they have to leave me behind when they go on vacation. That’s the only time they ever get upset (and it’s not even AT me!). I get a little upset, too, but I know they’ll be back. Even when they do leave me, I get to spend time with my second favorite group of humans – Jenna’s family! She works at PetVets and they watch me when my family isn’t around. All of the humans in my life don’t realize that I can read their minds. When they’re talking to me, all I have to do is hold eye contact with them and I can tell what they’re thinking! Pretty cool, eh? I only wish they could read mine. I’ve tried thinking about my favorite food, cheese with a little lunch meat on the side (a girl has gotta keep her figure, ya know) and all I end up getting is my normal kibble! Oh well. I still have my ways to get what I want. Looking totally cute always works! When I lay on my back with my paws up in the air is guaranteed to get me a little meat and cheese, and the attention that I always deserve!

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