1/26/18 “Hook”

Hi everybody! My name is Hook and I am a 5 month old Long-Haired Dachshund. If you couldn’t tell already by my pictures, I am adorable. I find that my long locks give me that little extra something, plus I like to feel the wind blowing through my hair like a supermodel. My schedule as a supermodel is very busy, but I never forget where my roots are. One of my favorite things to do is hang out with my big brother Kane, a German Shepherd mix. We like to run and play in the backyard and nap on the couch. Sometimes I steal his food too, but I don’t think he minds too much. Caring is sharing, right? One thing I don’t share is my favorite toy, which just happens to be a tiny version of me. It’s like playing with my twin! I like to take him on all types of adventures but the one thing he can’t do as well as me is “sit.” True, it’s the only command I know but I do it very well. As cute as I am, there is one thing that makes my parents very upset with me. I sometimes have accidents in the house. In my defense though I am a puppy and am still learning how things work and what the rules are. Sorry to chat and run but we’re going to my favorite place, Grandma’s house!

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