1/12/18 “Denver”

Hello everybody! My name is Johnnie Denver, or just Denver to my friends. I am a spectacular, 18 week old Whippet puppy. I am a bundle of energy and can hardly sit still for anything, especially taking pictures. I love slipping and sliding through the house chasing my toys around. I would imagine I kind of look like a baby deer on ice when I do that but it’s my absolute favorite activity. I do have my moments when I love to sit but that’s mainly because I love to get treats and snacks when I do. My favorite snack used to be green apples but lately I have become a connoisseur of ice cubes. They’re so crunchy and cold and when I try to bite them, they try and escape from me and slide all over. I would have to say that my best feature though is my eyes if someone asked. They are so dreamy and i can sometimes get extra snacks if I look at my humans and stare at them until they give in to the beauty of my eyes. I do have one bad habit. I like to eat paper. It doesn’t matter what kind either. I like small pieces, white paper, balls of paper, shredded paper. When I eat paper and can’t sit still for pictures are the only times my humans seem to get mad at me. I guess I can’t be perfect all the timme. I hate to leave you but me and my froggy toy have some playing to do. We have some squirrel friends in the backyard that are chirping for us to come out and play!

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